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Anvil *  Chad VanGaalen  *  Striker    *  Rae Spoon  *  Drezus  *  Astral Swans  * The Wet Secrets  * Phono Pony  *  Wax Mannequin  *  Windigo  *  Cartel MadrasChron Goblin  *  The Hearts   *    Respectfulchild  *  Physical CopiesNapalmpom  *  Brom  *  Ayla Brook & The Sound Men  *  Rabino   *  Dragon Fli Empire  *  The Shiverettes   *  Plastik   *  Sightlines *  Jock Tears  *  Mark Mills   *  Lyrique   *  Russian Tim and Pavel Bures  *  Aanthems  *  Hush Hush Noise  *  Homo Monstrous  *  I Am The Mountain  *  JPB   *  Dusty Tucker    *  Quivers  *  Ween Soaked Preachers  *  Shuffalo   *  Emily Ripley  *  Brettyn Rose    *  Liquor MountainDead End Drive-In   *  The Torchettes   *  Ride The Sky  *  Brother BickerThe Moröns  *  Wyatt C Louis   *  Hex Beat  * Territories * Cutest Kitten Ever *   The Plodes  *  Gone Cosmic *  Apollo Suns *  Bella White  *   Less Miserable  *  Detractions  *  WTVRR  * Alter Ego Collective  *  Moonrabbit  * Dustin Nelson  *  Lightning Ant Music School  *  Mademoiselle  *  Heavydive  *  Duotang  *  Melted Mirror  *  PORT JUVEE  *  Overzealous  *  Salt Horse  *  Yvette  *  Lucid 44  *Marcus Trummer Band

*lineup subject to change



Canadian Metal legend heroes Anvil will head up the East Town Get Down metal contingent.

“Anvil is a band that most metalheads are probably familiar with. They are known as one of the bands that had a hand in helping create thrash metal, as well as for having a somewhat popular documentary that was made about them. While at first glance, Anvil may seem no different than any other Canadian heavy metal band such as Lee Aaron or Thor, but once you give them a listen you can definitely see where later Canadian thrashers like Razor and Annihilator took their influences from.

While likely taking some influence from earlier Canadian hard rock bands like Rush, Triumph, and Moxy, Anvil manages to take the sounds of these bands and make them heavier and faster.”

– Encyclopedia Metallum

Chad VanGaalen

A notorious homebody, Chad VanGaalen is well known for rarely leaving his basement in Calgary, endlessly drawing, recording and making art. Chad graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2000 and immediately started an active arts practice; his animation and drawings have been shown across Canada and he has toured across North America and Europe. Self-recording, and playing almost every instrument – including many hand-crafted ones – Chad has established himself as one of Canada’s most diverse and unpredictable artists. Chad has also produced albums for artists such as Alvvays and Women, and is a multi Polaris and Juno nominee.


Striker is an Edmonton-based recording and performing heavy metal band that has grown immensely through their years in the industry. A classic mix of heavy metal, hard rock, and 80’s hair metal, their music features powerful, clean vocals, catchy choruses, vocal harmonies, and impressive guitar leads.

Audiences are often floored by the energy of their live show, and their recorded material has been met with fantastic response by both fans and industry across the world. Striker has toured across dozens of countries as headliners as well as support for major metal acts. Gearing up for the release of their latest album the sky’s the limit for these Canadians!!

Rae Spoon

Rae Spoon is an award-winning non-binary musician and author. They have released nine solo albums spanning folk, indie rock and electronic genres and have toured across Canada and internationally. Rae was the subject and composer of the score for the National Film Board–produced musical-documentary My Prairie Home, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2014. Rae owns and runs an indie record label called Coax Records that has released fifteen albums by Canadian and international artists. They have been nominated for two Polaris Prizes, a Lambda Literary Award and a Western Canadian Music Award.


Drezus is an indigenous rapper and activist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Drezus’ accomplishments in the field of music include awards for Best Music Video, Best Producer/Engineer, Best Rap/Hip Hop Album, and Indigenous Entertainer of the Year.

Astral Swans

Astral Swans is the main project of acclaimed Canadian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Swann. After forming in 2012, Astral Swans was previously signed to Madic Records for the 2015 debut release ‘All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson’. Swann is now signed with Saved by Vinyl (Calgary), Moorworks (Japan), and Tiny Room Records (Netherlands)

The Wet Secrets

The Wet Secrets, a dance rock six-piece from Edmonton, AB, dress up their scrappy, scathing outlook in impeccably tailored pop attire. Leave eyerolls and apathy to the others: The Wet Secrets’ buoyant brand of irony turns dysfunction into inspiration. Equal parts punk rock and halftime show, The Wet Secrets’ vibe is a fusion of the bass-driven grit of The Stranglers with the lurid surrealism of The B52s.

Principal vocalist/songwriter Lyle Bell (also of Shout Out Out Out Out) lays swampy basslines through songs that balance misanthropy with empathy, caustic barbs with uplifting mantras. Cravat-wrapped drummer Trevor Anderson (also an award-winning filmmaker whose work has shown at Sundance, SXSW, Berlin and more) embodies the band’s high-art non-conformism. Kim Rackel and Emma Frazier contribute towering, dancing hornstacks on trumpet and trombone, with wildmen Paul Arnusch and Christan Maslyk rounding out the furry-hatted fray on keys, timbales, congas, sax. All six Secrets sing along, creating vocal harmonies galore.

Phono Pony

Phono Pony are a glam-garage duo from Vancouver, B.C. These multi-instrumentalists create huge sounds with guitar, drums, vocals, synth and theremin. Their grit-polished sonics, style and conviction as songwriters have landed them gigs alongside Sublime w/ Rome, Bif Naked and The Sheepdogs. The duo have recently released their full length album “Monkey Paw” collaborating with producer, Howard Redekopp (Tegan and Sara). In combination with the album release, came a music video to their single “00100″, directed by Brett Roberts (VICE) and a 2018 U.S.A tour. Phono Pony have performed at CBC’s JUNOfest ’18 and were introduced on The Edge 102.1 as Alan Cross’ personal pick. The band’s EP “Death By Blowfish” was selected by Collective Arts Brewing and featured on their nationally distributed artist series beer cans. Phono Pony are currently preparing for their 2019 North American tour. Outside of the band, Shay and Michael operate a local community arts space called The Woods Studio.

Wax Mannequin

Wax Mannequin (Hamilton, Ontario’s Christopher Adeney) is many things to many people. A lyricist, songsmith and self-effacing showman certainly, but also a student of the human psyche, constantly finding fresh and interesting ways to frame the people we are and the things we encounter. He has graced thousands of stages in Canada and Europe since 2001 and continues to carve an ever-deepening groove across the modern musical underground.

*Curated by Rae Spoon


Windigo is the collective heart of Anthony Kameka (guitar, vocals), Mitch Cooper (drums), Del Coburn (bass) and Tory Rosso (guitar). Since 2013, Windigo has played over 250 concerts including 5 cross-canadian tours. They have opened for bands such as Of Montreal, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Austra and more.

Cartel Madras

Cartel Madras is a radical hip hop duo out to disrupt an industry. Contra and Eboshi are female rappers hailing from South India who are making an impact in hip hop by taking familiar and comfortable narratives and destroying them. Their sound fuses the stylings of Dirty South rap, house and trap to bring a depth, lyricism, and an uncompromising turned up energy to the party.

Chron Goblin

From the dusty coulees of Alberta’s Badlands to the jagged peaks of the snow-capped Rockies, the musical entity known as Chron Goblin is a true force of nature. Yet there’s simply no reckoning the immensity of the sound that these hard rockin’ Calgarians are capable of generating once they hit the stage boards. Grinding it out in the trenches and pits of venues and festivals across North America, the UK and Europe since 2009, the fuzz-clad foursome knows no bounds when it come to laying down the rugged riffage and cranking up the volume on a sweet Southern rock tinged blues-metal breakdown. Surrender to the smoke show, heed the call of the Chron and inhale the melodious commotion churned up by the Goblins. The botanically-infused gin in your work-a-day tonic, Chron Goblin will obliterate those vexing worries and liberate your immortal soul.


It’s hard to package, Mademoiselle, as anything else but punk. Fronted by raw screams and deep riffs, backed by punchy beats and overdrive shrills, the bass driven garage punk band demands attention and takes control of any room. Destroying stereotypes, Mademoiselles’ queer and femme fronted spark creates a novel space; empowering and fierce. Direct and noisy as hell, the deafening trio of Mademoiselle leaves you with their griping lyrics and catchy chorus, bringing everyone back for more.


Duotang is Rod Slaughter (bass) and Sean Allum (drums).

Formed in the summer of 1995, the 2-piece band’s mix of mod-rock and post-punk garnered critical attention, and in March, 1996, signed to famed Vancouver independent record label Mint Records. Over the next 5 years, Duotang released three albums: Smash the Ships and Raise the Beams (1996), The Cons and the Pros (1998), and The Bright Side in 2001. All three topped the college radio charts in Canada and allowed Duotang to tour extensively across Canada, United States, and Europe. They shared the stage across Canada with The English Beat, landed the cover of Exclaim magazine and in 2002, won the Prairie Music Award for Best Video for 2001s The Evidence Comes From All Directions.

The duo decided to take a hiatus in 2002 – one that wound up lasting 12 years. In December 2014, at the request of Mint Records, they reunited for a show in Vancouver, and followed it up with a sold-out Winnipeg show. With a renewed vigor, and crop of new songs, the duo went on to play the Winnipeg Jazz Festival, Calgary’s Sled Island and Edmonton’s UP&DT Festival.

And now, 15 years after their last release comes Duotang’s newest album New Occupation, out on Montreal’s Stomp records. Opening with a tongue in cheek ode to the reunion, “Nostalgia’s a Vice” the 12 track album is the group’s best material to date. Other notable tracks include the sing-along “Karma Needs to Come Around”, the rocking “Bastard Five” and the mod-influenced “A Suitable Distraction”. Yes, it appears Duotang are not only back, but better than ever.

Lucid 44

Lucid 44 was established in the early 90’s, streaming the self-described genre sad bastard death folk. Heavily influenced by music labels like K records, kill rock stars and Sub pop. Mainly recording on 4 track cassette and touring on the greyhound bus whenever to be had. Along the way releasing numerous albums under a self-produced label called “Tonto is jesus Recordings”. Reluctantly touring and performing, having the mindset that this is just a glorified camping trip where you can enjoy the spirit of other artisans and have a square breakfast from time to time.


Indie/folk & often jazz sounds, currently based in Calgary. Created by guitarist/vocalist Bobby Henderson, and pianist/vocalist Craig Davidson, Yvette delivers an eclectic & melancholic blend to paint artistic soundscapes

Salt Horse

A band from Calgary, Alberta. Four uptight, nerdy pals make loud noise in the key of metaphysical distress, with pop melodies.


Overzealous is a one man project by Calgarian multi disciplinary artist Matthew Springer. Pushing limits to noisy, speedy, psychedelic tunes or anything else burning under the sun. Over the many years of working on music it was always a struggle working with only one consistent genre to a project, without creating a while bunch of side projects It has been the goal to blend and experiment with various genres and different forms of sonic exploration to achieve new sounds under one roof. Every release in the project is connected to some kind of overall theme, whether it is through the concept, or a certain type of overarching sound. Overzealous is primarily a blend of Noise Rock, Indie Rock, Surf Rock, Metal, Electronics, Noise, and experimentation. Taking Influence from bands such as Lightning Bolt, Ty Segall, Electric Wizard, Duster, Grave Babies, and many more. Overzealous is is also an outlet for visual arts, Matthew Springer creates all the designs for the project as well as the music. Collaboration with other artists and musicians is extremely encouraged to stimulate the local Calgarian music scene and challenge the boundaries of music.


Although PORT JUVEE embody a sound that is equally indebted to New York City post-punk as it is to a listless Californian vibe, the Canadian prairies is where the band calls home. PORT JUVEE’s upcoming release “Motion Control” will arrive in 2019, with NYC base producer/engineer mixer Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend’s “Contra” and “Modern Vampires of the City”) at the helm.

PORT JUVEE have hit SXSW, CMW, Rifflandia, CMW, The House of Vans and CMJ on the festival circuit, and have supported acts such as DIIV, POND, Sticky Fingers, Bleachers, Dilly Dally, Twin Peaks and many more.

“The kind of lackadaisical punk that’s made the genre so elastic all these years… brimming with nostalgic synthesizers and ramshackle urgency” — Consequence of Sound

“A tireless Vibe that does not let down” — Culture Collide

Melted Mirror

Melted Mirror are a primarily electronic music group based in Calgary, AB. While the core intent is to create danceable synth-pop music, inherent influences of post-punk, techno, acid, and moody dystopian soundscapes push their way in strongly to balance the pop elements. This is dark warehouse pop.

Live, Melted Mirror present a performance that is immersive, energetic, moving (both physically and emotionally), and somewhat unsettling. Beyond their excellent headlining shows, Melted Mirror’s reputation as a live band has led them to be selected as an opener for stylistically related acts such as Psychic TV, Preoccupations, Clan of Xymox, Humans, Shout Out Out Out Out, ACTORS, Severed Heads, John Maus and Lust for Youth.

Following a pair of well received self-recorded releases, Melted Mirror enlisted producer Nik Kozub (Shout Out Out Out out, Humans, etc.) to help them deliver Past Life, their second, and most fully realized, full length album. Past Life was recorded in sporadic sessions over the course of nearly two years at The Audio Department studio in Edmonton, using a vast assortment of synthesizers and drum machines, both vintage and modern.


Heavydive is a three-piece rock band that mixes post-punk rhythms and shoegaze soundscapes with dreary, yet angelic, vocals reminiscent of Morrissey, and Robert Smith. Inspired by the turmoils of mental illness, escaping emotional abuse, and the fear of failure, their work soars and crashes with sonic intensity that brims with melancholy, uncertainty and hope.
With a growing musical presence, much has been said about Heavydive’s sound:

“Their music is a loud, sonic catharsis that inspires gazes aimed at the heavens more than at a ratty pair of Converse.” – Sled Island 2018

“Scholars of goosebump-raising intimacy, the brooding beaus behind Warn the Dark are intensely curious about your inner wallflower.” – Christine Leonard from BeatRoute Magazine

With the release of their EP, Warn the Dark, Heavydive has begun establishing themselves within the Canadian music scene. With their stage debut in the winter of 2017, Heavydive has now performed alongside several Canadian heavy hitters such as Chastity, Napalpom, Wares, Counterfeit Jeans, and Bad Animal, while also opening for the San Diego based band Earthless.

Lightening Ant Music School

Named after his two kids’ capoeira nicknames (Lightning and Little Ant), Lightning Ant Music School was born out of a father’s love for music and feeling compelled to share this love with his family, and therefore, creating a family band and teaching his family music. Phil Canji, the director of Lightning Ant Music School, started playing the guitar when he was six years old and worked his way up to a Bachelor of Music degree, classical guitar with a focus on performance from the University of Calgary.

In 2003, he hung up his guitars in search of a new path in life and hadn’t touched them until he became a dad and decided that he wanted to share the gift of music with his kids. So in the summer of 2015 (twelve and half years later), he picked up his guitar again and prepared his four year old son, Lucas, on the drums and seven year old daughter, Isabella, on the guitar. Shortly after, Phil convinced his wife to let him teach her the bass guitar, which she finally agreed to and this was the start of their family band, Lightning Ant. A year later in 2017, his nephews and his brother jumped on board. They now enjoy frequent family time through band rehearsals almost every weekend preparing for their own shows throughout the year.

Through this experience, Phil has realized his love for teaching music and is in the preliminary stages of opening his music school, Lightning Ant Music School. “I want to facilitate a learning environment where music can be used to strengthen relationships and where you can come and discover yourself through music. My mission is to help you find your jam!”

Dustin Nelson

Dustin Nelson is an up and coming Canadian Hip Hop artist, based in Calgary, Alberta. Born in Teulon, Manitoba, Dustin Nelson was raised in an environment surrounded by a negative environment and he quickly found an outlet in music, finding solidarity in lyrics that portrayed similar struggles. Through his love of music, Dustin began his own song writing at the age of nine. Continuing over the years, Dustin has developed diverse lyricism and melodies, while maintaining a certain level of vulnerability in his music. Dustin’s song writing is consistently done with intention to ensure he is always delivering a message and meaning to his fans, giving them an in-depth look into his life, and more importantly, offering the same platform and outlet he is able to find in music.

Dustin’s debut album, One Man Show, was released on March 22 2019 and featured Winnipeg artist, Charlie Fettah. Producers on the album include Boogey the Beat, Syndrome, Nigel Childs and Nick Rhymes, with mixing and mastering by Devon Jones. Dustin has performed over 100 shows across Canada and has opened for artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Prada West, Ubi of Ces Cru, Joey Cool, Chris Webby, the Palmer Squares and more.


Moonrabbit is a bedroom pop group formed in 2018, with a distinctive persona and sound. Moonrabbit originated from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It’s five member hail from different corners of the musical spectrum, while sharing the same overarching idea of creating easy going, and intimate music. While their image projects an intimate and laid-back feeling, Moonrabbit delves into hidden mature themes like abuse, commitment, and aging under layers of tremolo, chorus and reverb. The fivesome had played before in bands – but didn’t become Moonrabbit till 2018 when all members of the band met in high school.

Alter Ego Collective

Local YYC artist Alter Ego Collective has released 3 albums amidst opening for names such as Nino Bless, Kristoff Kramer, Junk, Evil Evenezer, Jedi Mind Tricks and more.

Blending an old school sound with the musical stylings of various local producers, AEC preaches the death of ego; embracing the quest for knowledge and truth in hip hop. High energy with high intellect are sure to have you feeling something by the end of every set! Catch AEC in YYC, AB and BC this year rocking shows/festivals!


WTVRR is a Canadian Hip Hop duo consisting of Yo J! and Entropy.
Since rebranding their group in late 2017, the two have performed a dozen shows, and have opened for artists such as Madchild of Swollen Members, and Transit22 in the past; as well as recording nearly 100 songs. The rebrand came on the heels of a period where each of them were involving themselves in negative activities in the streets, and dealing with the resulting consequences. All of which can be understood in more detail through their music.

After a realization of their true characters, and a desire to get back to their passion, a gravitation back to the production of music was a natural choice for them. The two strive to ultimately provide a positive message and make music that appeals to them, as people. Avid consumers of Hip Hop music and culture, the two grew up listening to artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Redman, KRS-One, Black Moon, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, and many others. Focusing on a wavy sound – dominated by a combination of relaxed and complex structure and delivery – the duo speak about their reality, having fun in life, and doing what they love.


DETRACTIONS are “Calgary’s communal sweatfest” (Beatroute, 2017), a pulsing, moving and shaking musical act dedicated to tearing down the walls between audience and artist. Despite early experimentation with punk and surf, the riff heavy and crushingly dark rock and roll that Detractions have evolved into is a testament to wanting to push and expand; to constantly change and adapt. Uncomfortably candid lyrics, whiplash inducing genre changes and leave-it-all-on-the-floor energy all collide into a live show that you cannot miss.

Less Miserable

Less Miserable specializes in deprecating post-emo pop-punk. The kind of tunes that are perfect for drinking cheap beer and shouting along to in a sweaty basement with friends, old and new.

Bella White

Bella White is a Calgary-based acoustic roots musician. She grew up around bluegrass and old-time music, and it was very clear to her at a young age that she wanted to play. She has cultivated a sound drawing influences from country, bluegrass, old-time music. Her debut album, The Trails That You Made will be released in the spring of 2019.

Apollo Suns

Born from the fusing of seven Winnipeg, Manitoba based musicians, Apollo Suns have created a refreshing and innovative sound combining jazz, instrumental, rock and psychedelic music.

Built on the strength on their debut EP, Each Day a Different Sun (April 2017), and several Canadian tours to support it, the album spent seven weeks straight on the Earshot National TOP 50 with it’s top spot at #15. Some of their most notable shows have included support slots for The Brooks, Anomalie, Five Alarm Funk, Ben Sinister, Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, Kobo Town among many others; as well as showcases at Canadian Music Week, Big Fun Festival, Golden Sound Music Festival, Ness Creek Music Festival, Festival Du Voyageur, and Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

Apollo Suns will be releasing their sophomore EP, Dawn Offerings, in spring of 2019 and hitting the road to support the album.

The Plodes

The Plodes play a signature brand of danceable, hypercaffeinated pop-punk about toothpaste, rabbits, and very small men eating your eyeballs.

“Guitarist” Reid Blakley has been hoodwinking various rubes into playing with him 2011. The Plodes released their second self-produced full-length album Have One Of Our Nice Yellow Boxes in late 2017, their first with bassist/co-lead singer & songwriter Jackson McDonald and drummer/producer Evan Matthiesen, who are conspiring to poison one of Reid’s 9 cups of morning coffee any day now.

Gone Cosmic

Championed by a soaring songstress Abbie Thurgood (The Torchettes), whose boldly evocative tones recall Skunk Anansie chanteuse Skin and Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard, and accompanied by an agile and aggressive psych-rock outfit, composed of guitarist Devin “Darty” Purdy (Chron Goblin), bass player Brett Whittingham (Chron Goblin), percussionist Marcello Castronuovo (Witchstone), Gone Cosmic has carved out an expansive domain that stretches from sweltering Southern sludge pits to breath-stealing sonic spacewalks.

A blood (orange)-scented breeze that bows the trees, Gone Cosmic chases the infinite haze from the skies and puts it right back in your eyes. Groove-mining breakdowns become the stuff of legend as the four pieces’ floor-thudding tail kick and hellfire halo holler originates a whole that is far more potent than the sum of its individual elements. Meet your new astromancers, the phase-shifting and hard-rocking force that channels the empyreal sounds of heaven on Earth.

the hearts

The hearts deliver memorable melodies and moody harmonies that appeal evenly in soft seat theatres, dive bars, or at international music festivals. What sets them apart is just how naturally their down-to-earth songwriting rests against a dreamy backdrop of custom-made Americana textures – six captivating musicians blending into one unforgettable sound.

Spanning four albums, the hearts’ music has been featured in HBO and MTV productions, received international critical acclaim and charted across Canada. They’ve toured extensively and performed at international festivals including SXSW, Calgary & Edmonton Folk Festivals and Interstellar Rodeo. They’re revered for delivering an exciting live show where they trade, layer and cohere splendidly – mixing equal parts glitter and grit.


Rippin’ Canadian Thrashers determined to ignite the stage and command the night! Behold.. Riffs of fury and lethal precision brought forth..We are best known for our hectic stage presence and blistering, neck destroying riffs, piercing screams, melodic solo’s & we love to party, the chemistry within W.M.D is one of the defining qualities of our unique style.


respectfulchild (敬兒) is the solo instrumental project of Gan from Saskatoon on Treaty 6 Territory. They build experimental ambient soundscapes through slow progressions of meticulous improvisation using just their violin. With a sound that has been likened to artists such as Brian Eno, Nils Frahm, and Owen Pallett, the lone presence of respectfulchild is able to bring quiet to even the noisiest of rooms.

The name respectfulchild is the literal translation of Gan’s Mandarin name 敬兒[jìng er]. This name was given to Gan by their grandmother when they were born, a name and a culture they’ve become estranged from having lived their whole life in the predominantly white world of the Canadian Prairies. The music of respectfulchild is Gan’s quiet way of seeking meaning in 敬兒 again.

*Curated by Rae Spoon

Physical Copies

Weirdo-synth-puke-pop//Willie Dieminzzz/Clint Frazier//Two guys from that other band Shout Out Out Out Out//Edmonton Alberta


Napalmpom are a very, very good rock & roll band from Calgary, Alberta. For those who need to know more than that, behold:

P.J. Lavergne – Throat
Craig Evans – Strings
Shawn Petsche – Strings
Ian Baker – Big Strings
Matthew Bayliff – Skins

Napalmpom is a rock & roll band. No, Napalmpom is the rock & roll band. Picture MC5 bombast with Thin Lizzydual guitarmonies, AC/DC showmanship, hooks only The Exploding Hearts could write and the down-to-earthedness of early Black Flag. Perfect band, right? Well, they’re not that band (sigh!), but they are trying their darndest to be. This is celebratory rock & roll.


Carson Brommeland, better known as Brom, is a driven recording artist from Calgary, Canada. His sound is deeply rooted within the punch and grit of old-school hip-hop, yet it also tips its hat to the modern scene. Ever since his early production experiments back in 2014, Brom has been striving to create music with an open mind, pursuing his endless curiosity and creating unique tracks through experimenting, making mistakes and learning new things in the process. Throughout the span of his career, he had the chance to open for influential artists such as Astronautalis, P.O.S. (both playing at East Town Get Down), Sweatshop Union, Mac Lethal, and many more. Recently, he unveiled a brand new project titled Malaise, which is currently available digitally. This release marks a significant step forward for Brom, who keeps pursuing his sound and increasing his following, one track at a time. Brom’s production aesthetics are balanced and direct, with songs characterized by a fat bottom end, a silky top end and an edgy lyrical flow that sits right on top of the tracks.

Ayla brook & The Sound Men

Ayla Brook is one of the truest raw songwriter’s on the prairies. From his beginnings in Lily Plain Saskatchewan, to success records recorded with AA Sound System, to now his solo work – Ayla has remained tried and true. His new release, “(I Don’t Want To Hear Your) Break Up Songs” is exactly that, a tapestry of hurtin’ and feelin’ tunes about life on and off the barstools. Joined by his regular 5 piece band, The Sound Men, Ayla can be seen packing the dance floors of Alberta honkytonks soaked in wine and whiskey. He’s made a name for himself on the road, supporting such diverse acts as Danny Michel, Daniel Romano and the Arkells and is always up for the next great adventure.


Rabino is the latest project from Calgary songwriter, Colin Carbonera. Exploring matters of mind and heart, Rabino has no trouble dancing from playful bops to moody ballads. His sound can be described as soul with pop and rnb colours, influenced by the work of Alicia Keys, Matt Corby, Charlotte Day Wilson.

Dragon Fli Empire

It was a song in 2002 about a bus route that brought Calgary hip hop duo Dragon Fli Empire out of the basement and into the limelight. Now a decade post-“Mount Pleasant”, they have become a leading force in the city’s hip hop scene, from opening for names like De La Soul, The Roots, Public Enemy and Mos Def to performing at festivals like the Calgary Folk Fest, Sled Island, Warped Tour, Shambhala and Rock the Bells.

The Shiverettes

The Shiverettes are back on their bitchy bullshit releasing their sophomore album Real Shrill Bitches on April 18 2019. Noted as an anticipated release by Cups N Cakes Podcast, the album builds on noisy femme punk foundations with post-punk inspired rhythms. As always the songs are honest explorations of their lived experiences as women; which are sometimes comical sometimes tragic and often both. Accountability has never been so fun! 2018 saw the band mostly off stage and in the studio and they are psyched to rip up stages in 2019.


Plastik is German for plastic. In the same language, the word can also mean sculpture. The different meanings embedded in one word has the potential to be very poetic.

Plastik uses this kind of poetry to investigate moods, images and stories, turning them into a very personal form of electronic music.

*Curated by Rae Spoon


Sightlines is a DIY power-pop institution. Comprised of Vancouver music scene veterans, the trio has been playing across Canada and down the west coast since 2012. Known for their thoughtful and hooky songwriting and tight, energetic live shows, Sightlines is a breath of fresh air for any scene.

Jock Tears

Sensitive, sporty & sassy four piece band from Vancouver, Canada! Sweet & mean and everything in between! Sup 2 all of our fans!

Jock Tears is:
Lauren Ray – vocals
Lauren Smith – bass
Spencer – guitar
Dustin – drums

Mark Mills

Imagine you’re at a garage sale. You walk in and spot a colourful silk shirt in the back of the garage. Without hesitation, without question, you pick up the shirt, pay what they ask and leave. This retro silk shirt fills you with confidence, making you the life of the party.

A performance by Mark Mills has the same effect as that silk shirt. He is the personification of inhibitionless party; his cool, ‘80s, synth-galore throwback jams are revitalized with a fresh, modern perspective.

Mark Mills dances so hard that it’s tough not to want to join him. He takes one-man-band to a new level, playing pre-produced beats off an iPod while layering toy-synthesizer, guitar and vocals overtop.


I used to go under the name “Ed Thome” a name which I came up with a few years back after recording my first track. The name was too close to comfort to my birth name. So after some thinking I have decided to go under the moniker “LYRIQUE” (pronounced: Lyric).

I am a Half Chinese Half Filipino MC, originally coming from Baguio City, Philippines. I currently reside in Calgary,AB,Canada. I have been rapping for 5 years now. Basically I am just an individual who enjoys listening to music as much as making it. Influenced by artists such as Biggie Smalls,J.cole, Ice Cube, Dilated Peoples, Nas, 9th Wonder, J.Dilla, Alchemist, Bambu, Francis Magalona, Fly Union, Dom Kennedy, The Game, Dr.Dre, Jay-Z, Al Jerreau, Earth, Wind and Fire, 50 Cent, Ray Charles…And the list goes on and on. Mainly influenced by BOOM BAP, SOUL,FUNK and JAZZ.

Russian Tim and Pavel Bures

Hello Hello Hello! Our ensemble’s mission statement is simple – we play punk rock versions of Russian pop and rock songs. You don’t know those songs, but we do. So we take a Russian hit and make a punk rock hit out of it. Great success!
We opened for such punk rock powerhouses like You Big Idiot, The Greatest Sons, Contra Code and even The Corps. How about that for a resume!


Blood and Guts, Heart and Soul, Rock and Roll.

Geof does his level best to make his drums sound like a locomotive, and Ryan plays bass, completely wrong, while both are howling almost the whole time. Get home safe.

Homo Monstrous

Homo Monstrous are in the same glorious tradition running from the Velvet Underground to P4K 2013 hype act Savages: gently misanthropic art kids who’ve taken their wounds and scars and turned them into something raw and real and dark and immediately catchy. On their debut EP, ‘Nothing Without My Scars,’ they screw Bush Tetras-esque skronk onto the head of a scrappy Cramps-shaped sledgehammer handle and knock down all kinds of walls.

*Curated by Rae Spoon


Territories formed in 2015 in Calgary with the reunion of four long-time friends and prior members of western Canadian punk rock staple, Knucklehead. After two decades of playing honest music, they continue to focus their collective efforts on writing songs with thoughtful lyrics and compelling melodies. Their upcoming debut self-titled album will be out on Pirates Press Records in August 2018.

Hush Hush Noise

Hush Hush Noise is an experimental pop duo based in Victoria BC, who combine organic sounds with electronics to create memorable songs.  Multi-instrumentalists, Lily Fawn and Eric Hogg combine their songwriting styles to carefully shape each song to its full potential while maintaining the experimental expression that comes from collaboration.
“An ever changing creation of sound that wavers between the pit of your worst fears and the euphoria of love at its peak. intricately arranged instrumentation, textures, sweet melodies, chaos and beauty.”

*Curated by Rae Spoon

I Am the Mountain

I Am The Mountain plays campfire soul music, and is currently based in Calgary, AB. Carefully woven throughout our songs are emotion and atmosphere. We feel the music, and want people to experience our songs in the way that they feel is fitting. Chat with a friend, dance uncontrollably, have an Old Fashioned (neat), or lay quietly, motionless, focusing on each and every syllable and note. We bring in a variety of our past and present experiences, music tastes, and personalities. We’re a blend of classically trained instrumentalists, leaning on our jazz, soul, & folk inspirations like Typhoon, Dan Mangan, Hiatus Kaiyote & Christian Scott. Alongside Juno Award nominee, Nils Mikkelsen (AM Static), we have created a six song EP that will showcase our bands groovy and soulful new sound. The Ep, We’re Here For Each Other, is available everywhere.

Cutest Kitten Ever

Cutest Kitten Ever (Kris Demeanor, Jamie Konchak, Allison Lynch) is Rapture Pop- lush three part harmony, Rae Spoon beats, Casio and Les Paul, conspiring to usher in the End Times with style. Their songs are a mirror, a hammer, and occasionally a goose- their recording Entirely New Beasts, features a cover of Geoff Berner’s The Rich are Gonna Move to the High Ground and two co-writes with Rae Spoon. “Wild, dark times are rumbling toward us and the prophet who wishes to write a new apocalypse will have to invent entirely new beasts”- Heinrich Heine, 1842


JPB is a Canadian First Nations hip hop music artists from Kainai Blood Tribe in Southern Alberta, Canada. Proclaiming as an Indigenous Hip-Hop artist, JPB has gained a large recognition for his music as his fan base within the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities continues to grow larger. JPB understands that Hip-Hop isn’t part of the traditional culture but music has always been part of the culture from singing to drumming & dancing. With a new form and new style that speaks to the younger generation and tells their story. Within the past year as a solo artist, JPB opened up for significant artists like Snak The Ripper, Madchild, Swollen Members, Capitole D, Evil Ebenezer, and many more Canadian Artists.

Dusty Tucker

It was winter time 2009 and five different guys living five different lives subconsciously shared an idea. It was the coldest place on earth that day in red deer, and from the remains of projects past a band did appear.
Unclear, uncertain, way too loud and far too proud, five young, dumb, stubborn boys fought each other and together to write what they would call songs. It didn’t take long the beauty of youth is imagination.


The Quivers are guaranteed to rock your socks off with the band’s retro sound and pleasing tunes. Get ready for the band’s super keen sound that will make you wanna shimmy your way over to the nearest sock hop!

The *Ween* Soaked Preachers

Special for East Town Get Down performance of Ween’s classic album “12 Golden Country Greats”

The Wine Soaked Preachers are a four-piece roots band based out of Calgary, Alberta. Writing and preaching their own brand of Alberta-soaked tales, the band is inspired by other proudly Canadian roots acts like Corb Lund and Daniel Romano, as well as dark and dissident storytellers such as The Handsome Family and Timber Timbre.


Shuffalo brings the soul out of natural spaces, shaped by the spare vocals of frontman and fireheart Brayden Bell, whose serene vocal melodies and naturalistic performances enact the mountain shapes that preoccupy his empathetic lyrics.

Shuffalo began in early 2018 when Brayden Bell, then a singer-songwriter and longtime collaborator Steve MacDonald met drummer Mac Bennett and they immediately connected, bringing in friend, Bailey Clarke to fill out the ensemble. Inspired, they put out their debut EP Heart Attack within months of forming with producer Will MacLellan (Raleigh). A year under their belt, the band continues to learn from one another, and the prevailing energy of their live performances has inspired a new set of energetic and danceable rock tunes. Listen

Emily Ripley

Emily Ripley is a 20-year-old female solo acoustic artist from Calgary, AB, Canada. Her sound can be described as upbeat, spunky, freaky, and fun. Unable to put a true name to her genre, Emily strives to create truthful acoustic music that speaks to her life experiences and feelings using her guitar, ukulele, and voice. Getting the nickname “The Blue Fairy” last year in an interview, Emily is ready to release as much music into the world as humanly possible.

Dead End Drive-In

Bolstered by aggressive guitar riffs and gut-wrenching gangers, Dead End Drive-In are a punk rock five-piece from Vancouver, Canada. Taking after such acts as Titus Andronicus, Diarrhea Planet and The Replacements, this band has no problem mixing meaningful lyrical content with relentless lead lines. Chock-full of feedback, finger tapping and heart-pounding hooks, one reviewer wrote that “their punk edge will grab ya and pull you in.

The Torchettes

Dripping with sensuality, fuzz covered grunge guitar and the infectious familiarity of 60’s rock-soul, the Torchettes combine their angelic and emphatic vocal tones to create a sound somehow ahead of and behind its time. Think Amy Winehouse backed by the Blackhearts.

Brettyn Rose

Brettyn Rose is an emerging young artist from Okotoks, Alberta with a powerhouse voice that has been said to connect with people on a very emotional level. Brettyn has a passion for sharing stories through her songwriting and the universal language of music. With her Royal Conservatory training in music theory, piano and voice along with playing the guitar, Brettyn can be found performing at various venues across the province such as the National Music Centre, The Blues Can and The Ironwood. Along with pursuing her independent music, Brettyn is an anthem singer of both the Canadian and American national anthems for various sports teams across Calgary, Okotoks and High River including the Western Hockey League’s Calgary Hitmen and the Western Major Baseball League’s Okotoks Dawgs. Brettyn is continually working on developing and growing as an artist and musician and she is excited to share new stories and experiences in her new music soon. She has also recently released her debut single, “Running Out of Borrowed Time” which you can find on all streaming platforms!

Liquor Mountain

With their feet on the ground and their toes in the mystic river, the cosmic cowboys of Liquor Mountain temper their heavy psych leanings with a firm dose of hard-driving rock & roll energy. Hailing from such diverse local acts as Devonian Gardens, The Consonant C and Hex Ray, the members bring a DIY aesthetic to the sound of classic Americana. Following the time-honoured practice of forward-thinking bands taking a page from traditional music, Liquor Mountain blend a Western songwriting style with modern psych and garage to craft a unique synthesis of styles in the lineage of other country rock acts such as The Byrds, Nick Lowe and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. With newly recorded singles and a burgeoning backlog of well-crafted tunes, Liquor Mountain is primed to be the soundtrack for a whole plethora of foggy memories.

Ride The Sky

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Brother Bicker Band

Close your eyes… picture where you were the first time that you heard that really, really great song… the song that spoke directly to you. The one that changed your life. The song, that every time you hear it, takes you back to a memory, an amazing moment time…the Brother Bicker Band is trying to recapture that memory, that amazing moment in time with every song that they play.

The Moröns

The Moröns (Pronounced MOR-OWNS) are the self proclaimed ‘Royally Dysfunctional Family of Party Punk’. Started in late 2017 and hailing from the depths of Hick City, these spastic troglodytes were voted “Most Likely to Say Something Inappropriate at Grandmas House” for good reason.

Shunned by critics and ignored by promoters, the Moröns still always find a way to invade your brain and dry-fuck your earholes with lead man Robbie Moröns stupid (yet kind of cleverly-witty) lyricism,  solid axe-men G.G. and Davie’s punk riffage and Lucky’s straight forward punk beats that make you wanna kiss your sister (but don’t, she’s gross).

So go on… tell the world…


Marcus Trummer Band

Led by riff-driven guitar work anchored in soulful vocals, the Marcus Trummer Band from Calgary, Canada features a fresh blend of blues, rock & roll, and soul. The band was started after frontman Marcus Trummer met guitarist Linden Conroy at the National Music Centre’s Jam Club in Calgary and bassist Karl Salingua performing together in the Alberta International Band Festival Honour Jazz Band. Joined by Marcus’s brother Silas on drums, the band brings a new young energy to an old school sound. Since forming in early 2018, the 4-piece group has been busy playing many shows and festivals at various locations in and around Calgary and Alberta. Some highlights from this past year include playing a set in the Studio Bell Performance Hall at the National Music Centre, opening for the Mocking Shadows at Ironwood Stage & Grill, and playing multiple shows with Peter & the Wolves including as part of Heritage Park’s outdoor summer concert series.

Wyatt C. Louis

Singer/ songwriter Wyatt C. Louis’ dark, rustic tales of love and home blend folk with soulful blues.

Hex Beat

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